Shoei XR1100 review


Reviewed by: Steve Rose for 50,000 miles RRP:

It’s my favourite helmet right now because it fits me the best and stays comfier for longer. The lining is still snug, all the
vents still work (it’s like switching on the air-con when you flick ’em open) and the visor seal is still perfect after 50,000 miles. Shoei claims it’s one of its quietist helmets ever, but it’s still too noisy for me without earplugs (I’ve never found a helmet that isn’t). My only quibble is that the new visor mechanism, which has a peg on each side for the visor to slot into, makes swapping visors a little harder than the old one. It’s still the best system around in my opinion, but I have to take the helmet off to do it. On the old system I could swap from dark to clear visor in situ.


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