Audi patent

SCOOP: Audi’s light-up leathers SECRET plans to keep YOU safe (and looking… well…)


SCOOP: Audi’s light-up leathers SECRET plans to keep YOU safe (and looking… well…)

Audi patent


We’ve been sent this amazing patent application from Audi which has a set of leathers incorporating the same warning lights as on your bike – including flashing indicators on the arms and legs and huge brake lights on the back.

Nope, we’re not making this up and it’s not April 1. This is a real patent for a real invention from the real Audi company.

The German company has filed plans for super-high-visibility protective motorcycling clothing that features this far-from-subtle light display system.

According to the patent, the system is wirelessly connected to the bike’s own set-up, enabling the display panels on the leathers (and, we assume, textiles too) to mimic the bike’s lights. In other words, the jacket and trousers would have indicators and brake and fog lights mounted directly to them and would work as they do on the bike – so if you turn on your bike’s indicators you then have the indicators on your legs and arms flashing at the same time, the same with the brake lights on your back and the brake lights on the bike. The patent drawing shows the light panels in the back and arms of a jacket, and on the trouser legs (see areas marked number 2 in the drawing above).

But that’s not all – one of the external documents cited in the Audi application features a rough sketch of a jacket with light panels on (see below).

What do you think? Would you wear this sort of thing on your bike? Is it ‘Tron’ enough for you or too much?

Jacket light patent


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