SHOCKING Video: Dog versus Motorcycle versus Massive truck (2 videos, watch them in order)

Video: Dog versus Motorcycle versus Massive truck.

2016-04-19 08_41_03-Motorcycle vs. Dog (different angle)سائق دراجة نارية ينجو من الموت بأعجوبة - You

We all know the answer but here’s the video of what happens when it’s dog versus biker versus massive truck.

The riders involved are miraculously all OK, we don’t know about the dog but it looks unlikely that fido carried on his merry way. Massive respect to the truck driver’s reactions which probably went a long way indeed to nobody getting squished like a grape.

And all because some dumbass somewhere didn’t secure their family pet properly. Well done, dog owner for you are truly the recipient of today’s ‘moron of the day’ award.

There’s some understandable language in it so if you’re watching this at work you might not want to have the sound up too loud. But we promise you’ll watch this more than once.




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