Ponch is made a real-life police officer – that’s Ponch. From CHiPs. Yeah.


Hey, hey CHiPs fans – officer Frank ‘Ponch’ Poncherello is back! And this time it’s for real (well, kind of).

This weekend saw actor Erik Estrada, Ponch in the 1980s TV series, receive a real officer’s badge from the St Anthony Police Department, Idaho.

Estrada will be working with the Department in a role that’s described as ‘helping educate and protect children as a reserve police officer.’

Yeah! CHiPs is back! Kind of. And they’ve got a picture of Ponch with a bike!

We understand that unless you’re a 1980s kid, this probably doesn’t mean a great deal. But to us, it does.

Ponch and Jon from the original series. It was flippin’ great.



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