Video: Is your helmet bulletproof?

2016-07-25 09_16_39-Are Helmets Bulletproof_ - YouTube

We’ve been liking this video recently, just because – let’s face it – if we all had some guns and a crashed-in helmet, and were somewhere we could do this safely, we’d all want to see if the lid would stand up to this sort of stuff.

The video’s been posted by the guys at Demolition Ranch which is basically a site that shoots stuff and sees what and what isn’t bulletproof.


A user called Alex sent an Arai to the site for it to be shot at by Matt Carriker with varying degrees of ammunition.

Yeah, it’s guns. Yeah they’re shooting guns at a helmet. Yeah it’s American. Yeah it’s an Arai. But we’ve often wondered if our helmets are bulletproof and if you have too, well here’s the answer.

Here’s the video:


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