Cracked it! Kawasaki’s plans for an electric road bike with enough power for a SMALL TRUCK


Kawasaki has sorted out its cooling problems for an all-electric motorcycle which will have an engine strong enough to power a SMALL TRUCK.

We’ve brought you many articles charting the development of the raft of electric motorcycles – and part-electric, hybrid bikes on their way – from Kawasaki, but one of the biggest issues that need revising before we see such bikes for sale is the problem of the huge heat generated by the silent motors.


And these latest inside designs from the factory itself shows a large, two-part cooling plan which is allied to a new electric motor. The system is an oil-cooling set-up to keep the huge temperatures from the electric motor within a workable range. So far there’s been very little in how to keep temperatures down on the high-rpm, single-moving-part electric motors.

In the description for the designs the radiator and pump fire the oil around the outer casing of the moving parts, the bike has a fake fuel tank and the batteries that power the system are mounted towards the top of the bike’s layout to balance the weight of the heavy electric motor sited at the optimum point low-down.


Cooling also comes from a ram-air feed to direct air quickly over the top of the batteries themselves, to help keep rising temperatures under the fake fuel tank in check.

There’s no power output given for the engine specifically targeted in the patent but the patent does specifically state that the unit is not solely limited to a motorcycle but is also suitable for use in a small truck or a large All Terrain Vehicle. It also outlines this unit in particular as suitable for use in a hybrid set-up sitting alongside a small petrol-powered engine for even more power.


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