Video: You’ll want a Husky 701 Supermoto after seeing this – mega promo video


This video has come to our attention – and we think it’s pretty bloody great. It’s a promotion video for the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto made by Dypree.


It’s a bloke called Adam Peschel who has with mad skills and is going nuts on the proddie bike. So far, so normal. But this is more like a home-made movie with a hoon and some car parks than anything glossy-Honda-esque.

We love it. The music, the riding, the guy on the bike. It’s tops.

Dear Everyone else who makes bike promos – watch this will you. The 701 wasn’t the bike at the top our next-to-ride wishlist but after watching this, it is now. Great bit of film.



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