Check this out: huge design’s Mono Racer idea

Check this out: huge design’s Mono Racer idea.


Huge moto is a custom motorcycle design and fabrication shop run by a handful of motorbike enthusiasts with industrial design and engineering backgrounds. the company is a spin-off from a product design firm located in San Francisco, California — huge design. The american outfit is now tackling its most ambitious project yet: a complete, ground-up concept motorcycle called ‘mono racer’.



What these images are is the first stage in some sort of motorcycle idea of the near future using large amounts of carbon fibre to build key-component chassis parts. Think of this as an extension of the tech behind the Superleggera Ducati. There’s no information on specifics such as engine, forks, shock or brakes etc but as a very early look at something motorcycling and funky, this really fits the bill.




It might only have been made in a computer so far, but there’s no denying that this is one pretty idea for a motorcycle’s design. What do you reckon to this? Is it up your motorbike alley?



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