MotoGP: Intermediate tyres now ruled out of bounds by Grand Prix Commission

MotoGP: Intermediate tyres now ruled out of bounds by Grand Prix Commission.


There will be no more intermediate tyres in MotoGP after a decision by the Grand Prix Commission.


According to an announcement from series owners Dorna the decision to drop the half-way wet tyres was made after a consultation with both the Safety Commission and Michelin.

Because Intermediate tyres will no longer be available, the tyre allocations have changed. The number of wet and dry track tyres is the same for 2017 as was in 2016 but included in that is an extra compound of front and rear slicks.

Also decided by the commission was a weight increase in the Moto2 class by two kiols to 217kg minimum for the machine/rider combination. This is to take into account a new dummy camera weight that each bike will have to carry in order to make the bikes equal in weight. So far only six riders have had onboard cameras in Moto3 and Moto2 so this is a move whereby every bike will now carry the same additional weight of 2kg. However, whilst the weight change is happening in Moto2, for Moto3 it stays the same as before.



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