Ahhh… wikihow… with your tips on post-motorcycle crash etiquette, you are really spoiling us…


Well, thank you Wikihow.com. Your extensive list on what to do (and how to handle yourself) after a motorcycle accident has certainly dropped some entertainment and fun into our morning.

Have a look at the entire article for yourself HERE.

Just a couple of things that might jump out at you though:

1: Why is someone still taking pictures of the crashed biker when he’s laying under the bike – help them out before snapping away, surely.

2: Why is the biker in the illustrations not wearing gloves (or anything of any protective quality other than their helmet)?

Anyway, have a look. We like the very first tip which includes the great bit of advice to not be near a vehicle or structure that is on fire immediately after a crash. Bear THAT in mind, should you have a spill and fancy a few minutes to calm down afterwards…

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