Woman is motorbiking across the world – in spite of her ex-Boyfriend, who said it was ‘too dangerous’

Nikki Misurelli’s former boyfriend refused to let her accompany him on a bike trip he was undertaking with his mates – he reckoned she wouldn’t be able to handle the ride from USA to Argentina. So, they broke up and she went by herself.

Nikki passed her full bike test, and used a Honda CBR600RR to travel from Alaska to Panama, covering over 12,000 miles for her first trip – and it’s changed her life.


Since her first trip, she has pulled all of her retirement money and sold most of her belongings. She said: “I have no house and barely any possessions. It’s amazing how little we actually need in life.” Nikki uses a tent and hammock to allow her to sleep pretty much anywhere she chooses – which also helps to keep costs low, though she does have to work part-time in between her epic journeys when she needs to top up her bank account.

She’s gone on to modify her CBR600 by adding dual sports tyres, making it slightly easier to pick through trickier terrain – and she has recently completed a 5,500 mile journey through Italy, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Austria, Slovenia and Morocco.


Her next planned adventure will be either in the Middle East or through North Africa, and despite the obvious risk, Nikki doesn’t scare easily. “Bad things can happen anywhere in the world, but there are more good people than bad,” she explained.

“I want women around the world to get out there and get travelling. If you want something enough, you can make it work.”

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