Video: Pastrana gets whip-giddy at legends race re-run weekend


Check out this awesome video of dirt legend Travis Pastrana getting back to racing at fellow dirt legend Kevin Windham’s Mississippi MX Paradise.

Windham invited a load of older motocross heroes along for a weekend of pond skimming, big whips and ‘official/unofficial’ racing.

And if you want to see some BIG whips then keep you eyes open for epic whipper Brett Cue doing his thing on some sweet strokers. If that sentence doesn’t make sense then don’t worry, watch this a couple of times and it will.

All hail the blue haze and brrrrraaaapppppp of the past. With these guys doing their stuff a couple of weeks ago, all is still right with the world. And check out how ‘fan-face’ Pastrana is when Windham comes over for a chat about a shirt… awww…

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