Suzuki files 13 new patents for its turbocharged roadster. Designs getting close to finished machine now!


Our ongoing story of the soon-coming turbocharged Suzuki roadsters (one in particular) has received a boost (arf!) with the latest lump of production-protecting patents filed from the Japanese factory.


Suzuki has been granted protection on 13 separate patents filed with the USA patent office. The drawings are further, more detailed versions of the parallel-twin motor that we first told you was going into production when we uncovered Suzuki’s secret plans for the machine nearly two years ago.

As with our earlier articles on the project, the latest drawings bear a very close resemblance to the XE7 turbocharged roadster (above) that Suzuki showed as a concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The latest drawings look like there is a frame-design change between the XE7 on the show bike and the proddie model with the latest designs having the Suzuki housed in a trellis frame.



In the designs for the motor (above) you can see the top-mounted radiator that’s a key component with the cooling of the engine, it sits directly on top of the charging unit and runs on a separate pipe route to the main oil cooler and radiator which both sit in a conventional position at the front of the motor.



You can see our last set of exclusives setting out the future of Suzuki’s supercharged AND turbocharged plans from back in July 2015, September 2016 and December last year HERE.




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