Video: Japanese wheelie nut Masaru Abe in action setting world’s longest wheelie record… yeah…

Whatever you did over the Band Holiday weekend, it wasn’t as dull as this. A wheelie is always a bit of a laugh but 8 hours on the back wheel takes the mickey.


So here’s a sweet bit of video from Japanese rider Masaru Abe’s new world record for the longest wheelie, set at the Kawaguchi Auto Race facility in Saitama, Japan.

Riding a Yamaha Jog scooter, the 33-year old kept the front up for 8 hours, 18 minutes and 43 seconds. Copious amounts of painkillers were needed by the mono-wheeling man to keep the pain in his back at bay as he set the new record of 500.5322km (311.016miles) at the Auto Race facility in Saitama in Japan.


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