Video: Police rider highsides out of Royal Cavalcade escort job in London



Footage has emerged showing a police motorcyclist flung from his bike while escorting a member of the Royal family on Waterloo Bridge, London.
The embarrassing incident happened on Monday while specialist officers from the Met Police escorted an unnamed member of the monarchy during a drive through London. The police rider is not believed have been seriously injured in the accident and did not require hospital treatment.

Onlooker Ian Jobe, 60, filmed the drama on his phone. The consultant, from London, said: “I saw it coming so thought I would video it and show the other half when I got home.

“Then as they all went through the first outrider, who was had cleared the way for them, tried to catch up.”

Poor chap, we’ve all done it. Just not whilst wearing hi-viz on a Battenberg police bike in front of loads of Londoners…





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