Video: Algae oil powered wooden motorcycle

A motorcycle made of wood and powered by burning algae oil has been developed by a couple of guys from the Netherlands.

The motorcycle is the work of designer Ritsert Mans and scientist Peter Mooji. The two friends hatched a plan to produce an algae oil powered wooden motorcycle to highlight one of the options for moving away from traditional fuels. Mans developed the wooden motorcycle while Mooji grew algae and harvested it for fuel. The chassis is made of wood, including its single-sided front end.

The bike was built to accompany Mooji’s new book, titled “De Dikke Alg,” or “The Thick Algae,” which examines the role algae could play in a sustainable future.

‘With the increased awareness of the dangers of climate change, the call for a ‘biobased’ society is increasingly urgent. Microalgae will play an important role in this because they can produce oil in a sustainable way. Peter Mooij describes a search for two liters of algae oil – which a friend with his self-built wooden motorcycle wants to drive an official world speed record on the beach – why microscopically small microalgae played an essential role in the development of life on earth why they Even now the most important living organisms are, and above all, how algae eventually save the world.’

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