Video: ‘Sweet’ sounding commuter bike

Liven up your small capacity machine and add a bit of grunt with the help of a can of fizzy pop.

Can you remember tucking a piece of cardboard in your bicycle spokes as a child, looking to liven up your two-wheeled adventures with the low hum reminiscent of an engine purring? In a similar vein, we’ve been sent this video of some Indian commuters modifying their small capacity bikes.

Commuter bikes aren’t noted for their purring engines and grunting engine note – they are typically muted workhorses designed and built to be cheap and economical. But here’s a little trick that can turn almost any commuter motorcycle with a tiny little engine into a throaty sounding beast. All you need to do is buy a can drink to quench your thirst, and attach it to your bike for a ‘fruity’ exhaust note.

If you’re interested in giving it a go – it’s only a two minute job that involves using a piece of wire to hold the empty can about 5-7cm off the exhaust. It’s then just a simple job of adjusting its position so that the gases from the exhaust enter the hollow can and cause a gargle on its way through.

Here’s another video that goes on to show how you can go about making the modification to your own machine…

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