Pirelli reveals new Diablo Rosso Corsa II tyres – multi-compound tyres for big gains at full lean


Pirelli has launched its new tyre a full seven years after the iconic Diablo Rosso Corsa hit the shelves. The tyre company says that because motorcycle torque and horsepower outputs have increased significantly (and the introduction of sophisticated traction control systems and cornering ABS have enabled these performance gains to be applied by more riders at greater lean angles) since then, its new tyre is ideal for the sporty rider.

Pirelli says that the new tyre increases front grip during turn-in and braking in lean and rear grip at full lean angles from mid-corner to exit. It also give more mileage, too.

The Corsa II is the first Pirelli multi-compound tyre that uses two compounds applied in three zones on the front tyre and three compounds applied at five zones on the rear.

Pirelli adds that the tyre has fast warm-up, sports agility, excellent grip and consistent performance and that the tyre will be available worldwide from January 2018. No price as yet, but we’ll tell you when we have it.


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