WARNING: Graphic video of post-crash injuries after chump wheelies on the road whilst wearing shorts and motocross gloves


Eeeuwwww, check out this video uploaded by MotoMob – a Suzuki DRZ400 rider from Florida getting up close and personal with Tarmac.

Look, we’re not condoning this or berating it, but as a video it’s a pretty sobering reminder to wear the right kit (or to not pull mondo wheelies on the road like this). Either way, he shouldn’t have ridden like this wearing a lid and not much else.

Whilst Karma might have taken a bite out of the rider, it turns out he’s probably lost a finger and ground down a lot of bone in the resulting spill.

His friend reckons he’s so: “Gnarly dude,” though. So that’s made it all worthwhile… chump…

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