DAKAR 18: All-new Dakar Rally videogame set to be released in 2018

Held each year since 1978, the Dakar Rally is an event like no other. With sections containing treacherous rocks, vast open deserts and hundreds upon hundreds of kilometres of untamed wilderness, the Dakar Rally pushes the best drivers and riders to their limits as they use everything from nimble motorcycles to big rig trucks to cross the expanse. Sounds awesome, right?

Well, for 2018 video game developers Bigmoon Entertainment and Deep Silver/Koch Media are planning to release DAKAR 18 on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC – and looking at the trailer, we can’t wait to have a go.


While the Dakar Rally has been immortalised for gamers in the past, DAKAR 18 promises a much richer experience, with a wide selection of cars, motorcycles, quads and trucks to choose from, in addition to a selection of expansive maps. The maps have been created using scanned satellite photos of the real stages in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. And further enhancing the games realism, you can expect to get stuck in the sand, repair your bike, fix a puncture – and even deal with changing climates. All while reading your Roadbook, of course.


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