Video: Kawasaki revives the three-wheel Concept J funk-cycle. Beware the Tron people of the future!

It’s just one of those ‘what if’ videos that factories put out from time-to-time, but this funky bit of thinking from Kawasaki has resurfaced in video form for 2018.

The video was posted by Kawasaki USA recently, raising the old memory of the Concept J motorcycle in our New-Years-befuddled minds once more.


The Concept J – a funky three-wheeler bike that was dripping with future tech, linked directly to the rider and was probably run on the tears of Unicorns (#Unicorntearsarethemoderntwostrokesynthetic) – was first show at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show where Kawasaki’ Shigehiko Kiyama was keen to show the morhping motorbike as: “An adaptable transport platform that is fun, easy and convenient.” Here’s the original video from that launch four and a half years ago:


So why has Kawasaki USA show this now? Granted, it’s not the best CGi you’ll see and the voice over is more than a bit waffley, but does the appearance of this video mean anything? What you you reckon? And why is the world going nuts for three wheels now? Huh?

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