FIRST LOOK: Kalex has the Triumph 765cc motor in its Moto2 bike. And it’s bench testing the beast right now. Here’s some video too. STUNNING!

“These are the first images of the motorcycle with the Triumph engine in the test bench. At the moment, everything works. We have mounted a standard motor, but with the right oil pan, in addition to a standard control unit,” said the CEO of Kalex, Alexandre Baumgärtel to the website.

It’s way early in the development of the Moto2 Kalex bike with the Triumph 765cc motor fitted, but it’s already a bloody looker. And these first-time-together images of the Moto2 bike put together ahead of it’s 2018 testing programme (to eventually become the 2019 Moto2 Kalex bike with the Triumph motor in it) really show that this thing is stunning.

And here’s the video of it running up for the first time – nice and lo-revs for the first time:

You know what Triumph? Build this thing on the road. Take what Kalex is doing and put this on the road. All you go to do. You’ll sell shed loads of them.

Make it sound like this too. If people will pay £30k for some WSB/MotoGP lookalike on the road, they’ll pay £20k for a virtually pukka Moto2 road bike that looks like this.

Yeah, they will.


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