Video: Training through the winter with MotoGP rider Aleix Espargaró

Aleix Espargaró tells Motociclismo how a MotoGP rider prepares through the winter for the upcoming season.

Long gone are the days where top level racers can go for a few beers on a Saturday night, and come away with a win on the Sunday. Modern racing combines talent, luck, contacts and opportunities – with a severe physical and mental demand on a rider.


When a MotoGP rider gets off his bike – the work doesn’t stop. He goes to the masseur, jogs, rides a pushbike, or hits the gym. Aprilia MotoGP rider, Aleix Espargaró, is a perfect example.

In the video, Espargaró tells us what he’s been up to these last few weeks, and the changes he has made ahead of the 2018 MotoGP season. How far will the Espargaró go? We’re not sure – but he believes he’s ready to fight for the podium, and get closer to the top riders.

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