Bamboo electric motorcycle from Banatti – would you cane it?

Philippines based Banatti has unveiled ‘The Green Falcon’ – an electric-prototype partly made of bamboo. Crazy, right?

It’s been produced by Philippine company Meep (Modular Energy Efficient Portage) and its sub-brand Banatti. Of course, the most notable feature of the Falcon is its bamboo fairing. It comes amid news that the Philippine government plans to plant a total of 1 million hectares of bamboo over the next three years – and as a result Meep is looking for ways to turn bamboo into a highly durable and resilient material, with a variety of practical applications.


It’s powered by an electric motor, which has the ability to reach speeds of 110 kph. But the developers have decided to restrict it to a maximum of 60 kph – and in turn, extend range and reduce wear of parts. Plus, there is a speed limit of 60 kph in Philippine cities…

What do you reckon? Would you ‘cane’ it?


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