FINAL production drawings for Suzuki’s Katana / Recursion are filed by the factory. Supercharged (yes), Turbocharged (no). CONFIRMED

Here’s what looks like the final designs of the upcoming Suzuki Recursion project which will join the factory’s line-up either at the end of 2018 or 2019 (depending on who’s telling tales out of the factory).

And what we can be absolutely sure about, having seen these latest drawings from inside the factory, is that the bike will NOT be turbocharged. These plans are for a supercharged motorcycle with an intercooler clearly outlined in the plans for the motor.

Previously, Suzuki was playing clever over exactly where the bike’s power boost was coming from, filing plans for both turbo and supercharged options on faired and naked versions of the production Recursion.

But these latest, in-depth drawings clearly land on the side of supercharging with air-flow diagrams and side-on routing of airboxes plus the intercooler system, which cools the air from the supercharger compressor, clearly laid out.

Whilst we’ve called the bike the Recursion here, the reality is that when this bike does make it to market it is likely to have a completely new identity. And while there’s still no news on whether this motorcycle will actually be the recipient of the Katana name (we brought the story that Suzuki has recently registered the name and logo for Katana once again with a theory that these were destined for what in currently the Recursion bike shown here in the drawings – you can read our article from March on the Katana logo HERE) – if it is the new Katana then that makes sense, not only to give the much-loved retro brand a new lease of life but also to distance the bike from the ageing concept machine that was originally shown at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.




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