WEIRD: Space thruster jets from Bosch could ‘help you ride out of a big front wheel slide’. Ummm. OKaaaayyy.


We’ve seen this on American outlet CNET. It’s a thruster system from top tech/engine/brake/thruster (?!) company Bosch and it’s a system that uses high-compression jets to push a motorcycle out of a slide. Check out the video below.


You can see the CNET article by clicking HERE.

The system basically uses a jet of air set out of the correct point to push on the outside of the front of a motorcycle and force the front wheel back upright.

What this means for the future of bikes – we don’t know. But it looks great. Looks like an April Fool that’s running late though.

Would you want one of these systems, that are basically powered in the same way that a car’s airbag is inflated, fitted to your bike?

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