FIRST LOOK: Inside the Bosch jet thruster system that’ll save a front end wipe-out. Apparently.


When we first brought you the jet thruster sytem being pioneered by Bosch a month ago we never thought that we’d get more of a view of weird set-up than the video and diagrams released by the company.

But how about this little collection of snaps and a further video that’s doing the rounds in Japan at the moment?

In the snaps you can see the gas-cylinders lined up and mounted directly in front of the engine with the jet thruster tube sited just below. In the prototype system that Bosch has shown so far, the bike can be saved four times before the cylinders need re-charging.

In another image, comparing the size of the complete unit in relation to the KTM test bike’s swingarm, you get an idea of how compact the overall thruster unit is.

On top of that, there’s another video from the testing regime which we’ve posted below. What do you reckon to this? Is it really another step forward in motorcycle safety? Are you convinced?


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