VIDEO: A Chinese built Ducati 848? No, it’s a rebadged Sigma Warrior 350!

Pakistan-based Sigma Motors imports and manufactures low and medium displacement bikes for emerging markets. And its flagship model is its Sigma Warrior 350, which looks remarkably like a Ducati 848. Sigma has even created a model with Ducati branding, to show just how close it is to the iconic Italian manufacturer’s machine.

To be honest, we’re not quite sure how Sigma hasn’t received a mountain of demands for copyright and plagiarism – but for the time being at least; it seems to be getting away with it.

Of course, with its Ducati-inspired styling, the Sigma Warrior 350 is a cracking looking little bike. And it’ll only set you back a fraction of what it cost for the bike its looks are based on – with a price tag of £4200 (excluding taxes and import tariffs).

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