Don’t get caught out by fresh CONCRETE – like the owner of this abandoned Kawasaki.

A biker in Michigan has been caught out by some fresh concrete while out for a blast on the highway – riding through a construction zone and ending up stuck in some curing concrete. And it looks like they’ve left the scene in a bit of the mess, because the Michigan Department of Transportation took to social media to share some photos and ask if anyone had lost a bike.


MDOT’s Facebook page says, “The motorcycle in question entered a closed lane on I-69 in #ClintonCounty and crashed after hitting a freshly poured longitudinal patch on Aug. 20. No injuries reported.”


 “Did you lose a motorcycle yesterday driving on I-69 in #ClintonCounty? Remember to always drive safely in work zones and do not use closed lanes to pass slowed traffic – you never know where concrete might be curing. You can pick your bike up at the impound, where the police will be waiting.”

All we know is that it’s going to need a pretty serious wash when the owner finally collects the abandoned bike.


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