VIDEO: BMW’s SELF RIDING motorcycle.

BMW has just unveiled its latest concept – an autonomous SELF RIDING motorcycle.

Admittedly, many motorcyclists will probably be wondering why on earth BMW would ever waste its time developing an autonomous motorcycle. But there’s a surprisingly simple answer.  BMW claims it’s all about safety.


Essentially, BMW reckon that if it can understand a bike’s dynamics, and can also classify a rider’s behaviour – then future BMW motorcycles might be able to determine if a situation is dangerous before the rider even knows it. Once a riding situation is assessed, the bike could “inform, warn or intervene directly,” says Stefan Hans, a Motorrad safety engineer. Clever stuff.

BMW has been working on this project for two years – and it’s pretty incredible what it’s been able to accomplish in the short amount of time. Maybe tech like adaptive cruise control or lane-keeping assist isn’t too far away after all?


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