Ducati CEO: “MotoGP Aerodynamic Package is coming to our production V4s”

If you’re waiting on Ducati superbikes to get a full-on MotoGP package on the road then here’s the good news – the extreme tech IS on the way – and that’s from the big boss himself!

In a tweet from Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali (below) the will-they, won’t-they question of complete aero-packages (wings on road bikes, basically) has now been answered.


Messaging this week, days after the last round of the MotoGP championship at Misano where Ducati rider Andrea Dovizioso won the premier race by nearly three seconds, a clearly happy Domenicali tweeted the following about the bikes we can expect to see from the Italian brand: “Misano was one week ago but still emotion is high. Ducati Corse improved a lot and learned many things.

“Cannot wait to release all this to our future versions of production V4s.


“Frame stiffness, swing arm construction, traction control strategy, aerodynamic package…”

So there it is. The MotoGP aerodynamic package that we see every other Sunday in MotoGP will be on a Ducati superbike soon.  Wings on a road bike? Whodhavethunkit?


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