VIDEO: Best film you’ll see today. Triumph turns into potential ship anchor. Really funny. Watch this – you’ll LOVE IT!


You know when people say that a Triumph would make a good anchor? Well, check out this superb video from the EverythingEmpire guys and see if that’s true.

It’s superb. A brilliant video that shows the reality of lumping heavy plodders along wet beaches. Don’t believe the hype… etc…

Full credit to Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil for posting this.

Make sure you watch it all the way through. It gets better and better. It’s got some swearing in it, so it’s not hugely safe for work – but turn the sound down and you’ll be good – but you’ll also miss a lot of laughter and sweet music. So best get your headphones on.

“Damnit Mando!”

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