REVEALED: Honda’s plans for a live heads up display beamed to the screen of your bike as your ride

Honda has filed new designs for a first heads-up-display that will beam a motorcycle’s essential information onto the inside of the bike’s windscreen. The information will appear on a second screen mounted inside the windscreen of the motorcycle – this apes current so called pop-up information screens popular in lots of modern cars.

The patent doesn’t show that the second screen will pop up when needed so we can assume that it will be fixed in place with the information beamed to it whenever the bike’s ignition is turned on.

The drawings show clearly that the system will beam large live numbers onto the smaller screen mounted well above where the dash would normally sit. There’s no specific details in the patent as to what information will be transferred from dash to windscreen but the patent’s description does say that the plan is to eventually put up a variety of information as part of the live display.

So expect things like mph, fuel level, rev counter and even sat nav directions to eventually make their way onto this system. Exciting stuff – and it gets us just that little bit closer to having Street Hawk a reality in our biking futures (ask your Dad).




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