Veldt Helmets unveils new LIMITED EDITION modular lid. Could it be the MOST expensive helmet in the world?

Veldt Helmets has joined forces with Italian luxury shoe maker Berluti to create an all-new limited edition modular helmet. And with a price tag of £2840 – could it be the most expensive helmet ever?

If you’ve not heard of Veldt Helmets before, that’s because the Isle of Man based manufacturer has only been around a couple of years – but in that time, the brand has made a name for itself, creating a range of stylish, retro-inspired modular helmets around the same basic shell and setup. It’s a clever design – which allows the carbon fibre helmets to be mounted with a flip-up shield or even converted into a full face.

Interestingly, the team behind Veldt are the same people who ran the now defunct Ruby Helmets brand – so you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing when it comes to creating lids. And now, the brand has teamed up with luxury shoe specialist Berluti, creating a new ultra-light carbon fibre helmet, with a screw-on chin.

Weighing only 912 grams on the scales, the carbon helmet is painted gloss black and comes with a funky design to match – while Berluti lent its expertise, edging the lid with Vitello Fiore leather. It also features a leather peak, a removable Coolmax lining, and it’s compatible with a clear visor too.

All that Italian leather and carbon fibre technology comes at a price though – with the helmet setting punters back a whopping £2,840. What do you reckon? Is it worth it? For more information on the helmet, click HERE. And if you’re interested in getting your hands on one, click HERE.




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