EICMA 2018: Aprilia shows RS 660 CONCEPT. And it comes with ACTIVE aerodynamics.

At the annual EICMA show in Milan, Aprilia has just revealed its new RS 660 concept. We heard whispers it was in development a few months ago, but we weren’t expecting to see it in the flesh quite so soon.

Interestingly, the new 600cc class parallel-twin machine is powered using half of an RSV4 1100 engine – utilising the forward bank of cylinders from the existing powerplant. But arguably, the most exciting feature is its active aerodynamic system. More specifically, it comes fitted with an Aprilia Active Aerodynamics (A3) system – which is a clever bit of kit which allows the bike to change its front aerodynamic profile, as well as how much downforce it creates.


Chassis-wise, the new RS 660 concept is built like one of Aprilia’s iconic 250 race bikes. It comes with a lightweight aluminium swingarm and frame, with its twin-cylinder engine acting as a stressed member. Its rear shock is mounted directly to the swingarm without a linkage, which Aprilia reckons allows for improved performance, while saving weight (and looking better).


Admittedly, it’s just a concept at this stage – but looking at the work Aprilia has put into the new machine, surely we’ll be seeing it make it to market in the not too distant future. The sooner the better, as far we’re concerned.

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