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We’ve teamed up with Bickers, the official UK distributor of Motorex to offer you the chance to get your hands on over £130 worth of cleaning and protection products, to help you keep your pride and joy in tip top condition throughout the winter. We’ve got three bundles to give away – and one could be yours. For FREE. All you’ve got to do to be in with a shot of winning is fill in the form below. You’ve only got until February 15, 2019 to throw your name into the hat, so you better act fast.

While it may be better known for its oils, lubricants, and adorning the bellypans of KTM’s MotoGP machines, Motorex can also help you keep your bike clean and corrosion free this winter, with a selection of cleaning and protective sprays and films aimed at keeping the worst of the weather at bay. And here’s what we’ve got to give away…


Moto Clean

RRP: £10.85 // 1 litre

Moto Clean – dubbed the ‘motorcycle cleaner with power’ by the Swiss brand – is the firm’s quick, clean, and biodegradable cleaning spray. After spraying over all elements, leave it to work for a few minutes before rinsing off. Though water-based, Moto Clean is still concentrated, meaning it can be used sparingly. It penetrates dirt and works against corrosion, and doesn’t affect rubber, plastic, or painted parts.


Moto Shine

RRP: £9.83 // 500ml


Thanks to a beading effect on application, Moto Shine is, according to Motorex, the perfect finish after cleaning. The antistatic film is water repellant, keeps dirt away from surfaces, and gives a smear-free shine. Don’t ride in winter? Then use it to keep dust away from your motorcycle as it sits tucked away in the garage or give it a showroom shine when it’s on display.

Moto Protect


RRP: £13.50 // 500ml

Protection from salt and corrosion that comes from winter use comes courtesy of Moto Protect, which cares, preserves, and protects from dust and dirt. Moisture is displaced and the treated surfaces protected from corrosion thanks to a fine oil film, leaving instead a healthy shine to any painted, metal, and chrome areas. For bikes that will see extended winter use, this is Motorex’s recommended buy.

Silicone Spray

RRP: £13.26 // 500ml

Boasting thermal stability as low as -50°C, Motorex’s Silicon Spray protects rubber hoses from freezing and provides a high gloss finish to plastic panels. It’s antistatic, water-repellent, and guards against oxidation – perfect if you’re exploring some seriously cold climes this winter.


RRP: £17.23 // 500ml

While it’s all well and good protecting the bike from the elements, no one likes being caught out in the rain and getting home soaked to the skin. Thankfully, Motorex have a solution for that, too. While even the most engineered riding kit can leak eventually, a good coating of Protex will keep you dry on those wet rides. Apply to clean textile or leather riding kit, and watch the water run off instead of soaking in. Protex preserves the natural breathability of the fabric, and provides long-lasting protection.

Chain Clean

RRP: £12.47 // 500ml

After giving the bike a thorough clean and administering the protective treatments, don’t forget the chain. Perfect for all types of motorcycles and all types of chains, Motorex’s Chain Clean effectively removes residue, oil, and grease deposits, and will, with regular use, extend the working life of the chain, no matter how much winter use it sees.

Chain Lube 622 Road

RRP: £14.04 // 500ml

Chain cleaned, keep it performing and working at its best for longer with Motorex’s road-focussed chain lube (the Swiss brand also offers a variety of chain lubes for motocross and enduro machines). The white lubricant is fully synthetic and has absolute resistance against fling-off. Completely waterproof, it has been extensively tested for use on O-ring, X-ring, and Z-ring chains.

Power Clean

RRP: £11.93 // 500ml

Cleans, degreases, loosens and removes even the most stubborn dirt including oil, grease and tar – without harming rubber, plastic or painted parts.

Anti Rust Spray

RRP: £10.90 // 500ml

A rust remover and screw releasing agent, which works to releases metal parts that are seized with rust. It also protects against corrosion and keeps out moisture.

PTFE Spray

RRP: £17.09 // 200ml

A light lubricant which can be used as a protective spray on metal, rubber and plastic surfaces to protects rubber from freezing and coat plastic parts with a “like new” glossy sheen. It’s antistatic, water- repellent, and guards against oxidation.

Helmet Care

RRP: £5.57 // 200ml

An active cleaning foam for helmet shells and internal liners, the Helmet Care spray works to both remove dirt and deodorise. It’s worth noting that it can also be used on other padding and protective equipment, so it’d probably be perfect for freshening up standalone armour.

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