VIDEO: Racing DRONE gets up close and personal with Camille Chapelière on MX track. AMAZING footage.

Red Bull has joined forces with MX rider Camille Chapelière and filmmaker Tom Panaivia – creating a brilliant short film using a specialist racing drone.

Tom Panaivia (Tomz FPV) has just released his second short film from his Follow Me series – having previously filmed Tom Pagès. But this time, he’s been getting up close and personal with French MX rider Camille Chapelière using his custom built racing drone.

The pair teamed up at a secret location in Southern Europe, to give an insight to what it’s like to ride on board with Chapelière. It’s an amazing bit of film, that’s well worth a watch if you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare.


And here’s the video of FMX rider Tom Pagès in action too.

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