Kawasaki to REPRODUCE cylinder heads for its Z1 and Z2.

According to our Japanese pals at Young Machine, Kawasaki has confirmed it’s going to reproduce cylinder heads for its iconic Z1 and Z2.

Kawasaki’s Z1 and Z2 are a pair of hugely popular classic motorcycles – and close to half a century since their launch they still remain as popular as ever. Loving restored by riders from all around the world, the only issue is a shortage of spare parts to get them back to their original specification. And that’s why Kawasaki has decided to reproduce the cylinder head for both bikes.

It’s not a direct copy – instead, the new cylinder head will be reproduced using modern manufacturing technologies and techniques. At this stage, we’ve heard that Kawasaki’s going to produce 1,000 units start with, to gauge demand – though they do have the capacity to increase production. That’s not all – Kawasaki’s also considering reproducing a range of other parts for the Z1 and Z2 – but once again, the Japanese factory will be led by customer demand.


There’s going to be an exclusive sales website launched later this year, ahead of sales beginning in 2020. But sadly, we’ve got no idea about pricing at this stage – but as soon as Kawasaki confirm, we’ll post an update.

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