TURBO Yamaha Niken from Trooper Lu’s Garage

As if Yamaha’s three-wheel Niken wasn’t unique enough – Australian Yamaha dealer Trooper Lu’s Garage has pulled out all the stops and unveiled its own custom Yamaha Niken – with a TURBO.

Built by Trooper Lu’s Garage owner Justin Chisholm – we’ve not managed to get our hands on any official technical information just yet, but we do know that the turbo unit gives the custom an extra 33hp, taking it up to an impressive 148hp. Beyond its new Turbo the custom Niken comes with upgraded KYB front forks, a complete Akrapovic system, a special touring screen, a top box, and a new (Multistrada Enduro-esque) sand and red paint scheme.

For more information on Trooper Lu’s, visit: www.trooperlu.com.au


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