VIDEO: Cops give scooter a damned good thrashing! Weirdest video you’ll see today.

Err… mate… are you OK? Got some anger issues there, Champ?

You don’t want to be parking your scooter behind a randomly-placed metal barrier in Chennai, India – not unless you want the local fuzz to get out a metal pole and give it a beating. Thankfully, some kind soul was on-hand to film such a thing happening and pass it on to our chums at RushLane.

‘That’s it! I’ve had enough… you’re going to get a damned good thrashing!’

Three things about this bit of footage to note; firstly, the chap doing the stick walloping doesn’t really seem ‘into it’ does he? Could have done a lot better. Secondly, when the (we assume) owner of the bike turns up he’s just so ‘meh, Rozzers beating my bike with a stick…’ that it seems odd and thirdly, the copper who gets out of the jeep thing gives it all a look like he’s seen this a thousand times before from his ‘doing it his own way’ partner.

Still, at least both officers have reportedly now been suspended whilst their conduct is under investigation.


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