So here we go then, here’s the patents for the new BMW F850RS (which looks virtually identical to our spy photos).

Last year we brought you the first ever photos of a secret 850cc powered BMW roadster that looked like a smaller, roadster version of the German firm’s S1000XR upright superbike.

In case you forgot what our exclusive spy shots revealed, here’s one of them again:

So, that was that. A few months later we were sent THIS brochure, printed by BMW, that appeared to reveal the identity of the new model – here’s the brochure details that we exclusively brought you:

Ooooh, that says F 850 RS. So that’s got to be on the way, right? Not according to BMW.

BMW told us that this was nothing more than a miss-print. An error. It should have said a different model name in the brochure. It was tosh, basically.

OK, that may well have been the fact of the matter. But recently these patents have surfaced showing a bike that looks hugely like our spy shots. Here’s the patents:

So what do you reckon now? The bike does look a LOT like out spy shotted prototype, BMW DID print that brochure with a F 850 RS named in it too. And these Cad Cam designs DO ape what we know is on the way from the German firm.


Waddya think? 2020 BMW F 850 RS then? Yeah, us too.

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