ROADS: RACE RESULTS from the North West 200. WINS for Peter Hickman, Lee Johnston and Stefano Bonetti.

Peter Hickman powered to his second ever victory at the North West 200 with a decisive triumph in the opening Superstock race, while Lee Johnston took the Supersport win and Stefano Bonetti took the Supertwin race.


Bayview Hotel Superstock

1 P Hickman (BMW)

2 G Irwin (Kawasaki) +1.895s

3 M Dunlop (BMW) +12.228s

4 J Hillier (Kawasaki) +12.694s

5 L Johnston (BMW) +13.594s

6 R Cooper (Suzuki) +24.065s.

Fastest lap: Hickman 122.650mph

Tides Restaurant Supersport

1 L Johnston (Yamaha)

2 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +0.730s

3 J Hillier (Kawasaki) +1.649s

4 M Dunlop (Honda) +25.371s

5 J Coward (Yamaha) +26.832s

6 I Hutchinson (Honda) +27.758s

Fastest lap: Johnston 116.575mph

MCL Insure Tech Supertwin

1 S Bonetti (Paton)

2 J Coward (Kawasaki) +0.579s

3 M Rutter (Kawasaki) +7.428s

4 J Chawke (Paton) +25.982s

5 H Saiger (Paton) +26.265s

6 F Curinga (Paton) +27.127s

7 V Lopez (Kawasaki) +51.038s

8 C Phillips (Paton) +51.485s

Fastest lap: Coward 110.224mph

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