PATENTS: Charging TECHNOLOGY revealed for Yamaha’s upcoming ELECTRIC motorcycles.

Yamaha has filed some patents which confirm that the Japanese automotive giant is starting to get serious about electric – and the new designs show us where the charging socket could sit on its upcoming ‘green’ machine.

It was recently revealed that big four Japanese brands (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha) have signed an agreement to create a standard and interchangeable battery to equip its future electric motorcycles. And Yamaha has just filed some designs which give us a first glimpse at the factories new charging system.

Interestingly, three separate designs have been filed. The first one shows us a half-faired bike with the charging socket placed much where you’d expect it – basically, where you’d find a fuel tank on a ‘traditional’ petrol-powered machine. The second design shows us a naked machine, with a charging outlet hidden under the pillion seat. And finally, the design that most caught our eye shows a charging socket sitting behind the front headlights on an R1-style sportbike. Very cool.


Of course, at the minute there’s been no official word from Yamaha. And who’s to say which solution the Japanese factory will commit to for its future electric models – it might go for them all – but we’re secretly hoping it’s the futuristic front headlight option.

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