It’s DEFINITELY coming. You can now put a DEPOSIT on the BMW R18 cruiser and bag one for its 2020 launch!

This is the R18. You can put a deposit on one right now.

It’s been the darling of the next-gen, pretty-bike brigade for months now and we’ve finally got proof that the R18 production bike WILL go on sale next year.

How do we know this for sure? Because you can place an order with BMW France for the 1800cc concept-going-production, that’s how.

Yep, just 1000 Euro will secure your bike with the rest of the finance for the retro-throwback being paid next year when the full price of the bike and the full specification is released.


According to the French BMW importer: “You can book your R18 and be the among the first to order. Book by leaving a deposit of 1000 Euro with your dealer and be among the first to have the bike delivered.”

BMW France goes on to say that customers placing the deposit have the option to retract the deposit at any time, they will receive a lot of preview information of the next phase of development of the model and receive invitations for closed-room showing of the model series.

So that’s it then, it’s definitely coming. And if you want to, you can get a deposit in for it right now.


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