This is the SEAT e-Scooter concept (which will be on sale next year, probably)

This is the e-Scooter from SEAT. It's got 240Nm of torque on tap!
This is the e-Scooter from SEAT. It’s got 240Nm of torque on tap!

What do you think to this then? The pretty funky e-Scooter concept by car giant SEAT has hit the ground running with a good looking plug-in version of a modern commuter scoot.

Coming from the SEAT Urban Mobility company (which is managing everything for the company’s eponymous range) the e-Scooter concept has a 7kW motor that makes 14.8bhp, making it a 125cc petrol-powered equivalent.

SEAT says that the runaround can get from 0 to 31mph in 3.8 seconds and has a HUGE 240Nm of torque. Wheelie-central, then.


The battery can be removed and charged off the bike or it can be kept in situ and charged using the built-in charger. According to SEAT, the e-Scooter can do 62 miles of travel for 0.7 Euros.

Whilst the e-Scooter has only been shown as a concept at the moment, expect to see this arrive in finished production form at some point in 2020.


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