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Speeding fines could “increase to up to £10,000”

Proposals are being considered by the Government, which could see fines for speeding and other offences increase drastically.  Currently, the maximum fine for speeding on the motorway is £2,500; the new proposals could see this increase four-fold to £10,000.

Fines for other speeding offences and driving without insurance could also see increases.

Justice Minister Jeremy Wright said financial penalties “set at the right level” were an effective punishment for offenders, adding “Magistrates are the cornerstone of our justice system and these changes will provide them with greater powers to deal with the day-to-day offences that impact their local communities.”

Rupert Lipton, director of the National Motorists Action Group, described the proposals as “disproportionate and draconian.”

The maximum fine for riding without a helmet could increase from £500 to £2,000.

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