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If you want a book that makes you feel great about being a biker, this is it. The 180 page coffee-table publication comes with a 10-inch vinyl featuring seven classic rock tracks, including Born to be Wild and The Road to Hell. While we all know vinyl is best, there’s also a download code to get all the tracks as 256kps MP3s.


As I write this review, listening to the Bike & Style soundtrack and flicking through the book again, the idea, from Ear Books in Germany, makes brilliant sense. Classic rock may seem something of a cliché for bikers, but looking at shots of Freddie Spencer and Evel Knievel whilst listening to Steppenwolf makes me want to get out on the bike.

There are some stunning photos in the book, but it’s disappointing to also find a few low-resolution images spoiling the quality impression, as well as some design touches that intrude a little too much.

This isn’t a book for fact-fiends (and being bi-lingual, half the space is taken up by the German version of the text), but it’s full of iconic bikes, people and kit (though where are Lewis Leathers?!). It’s a very enjoyable title to leaf through whenever you want to remember how cool you are.


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