Guy Martin has set his first run proper in the Infor Streamliner as he and the Triumph team try to set a new land speed world record – but it ended up with the bike crashed on the salt in the USA.

Today’s run, set after two days of delays because of poor surface conditions, has just happened and Guy set off from mile marker 9 to record his FIM-required certification run.


The Infor team set the run in almost perfect conditions of clear sun and virtually no wind.

But the run didn’t go completely smoothly, Guy was making good power and upping the speed over the first mile when the Streamliner lost grip on a damp section of the salt surface which caused the rear to step out of line and the outfit to crash on the course.

Guy is reported to be completely uninjured in the high-speed fall but it means that the Streamliner is damaged and will now need a full inspection before any further runs can take place. UPDATE: Triumph has just confirmed that it’s ‘course conditions’ rather than any big damage to the Streamliner that have now seen the land speed record attempt paused again.


We’ll bring you updates about when it restarts, but don’t go holding your breath over it for now.


Tony Carter

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