VIDEO: Oooops! Batman CRASHES the new Batcycle on wet Glaswegian roads. But it might all just be meant to happen…

Ok, this is either one of those moments where motorcyclists go ‘ooooh, poor sod, we’ve all done it’ OR it’s one of the most precise motorcycle stunts ever seen.

Batman rides along the road then backs the bike in on a gear change…

So, filming is currently underway in rainy, snowy, cold Glasgow which is doubling up as Arkham Asylum in the 2021 movie The Batman. We’ve already shown you the Batcycle AND superstar Robert Pattinson on a rat bike, whilst filming for the movie.

The bikes slews out and pitches up with The Batman stunt rider bracing…

Now this footage has emerged of a stuntman sliding the Batcycle on a wet cobble, alongside another bike (who he? dunno) and then dropping off it.

Batman going down, but pretty much looking at where he’s about to land…

At first, we thought the poor sod had just dropped off a big old hector of a motorcycle, like we’ve all done many times before – but look at the footage again and you’ll notice that the stuntman falls off EXACTLY in a space made in the high kerbs at the side of the road.

The grey block at the bottom of the screengrab is the high kerbstone, a section of which has been removed – and it’s this bit where the stunt rider hits the deck.

He’s either hugely lucky (because those kerbs look like thigh snappers to us) or the guy’s so talented at dropping off a bike that we should crown him King of the Cobbles from now on.


What do you reckon?

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