PATENT: Honda’s TELESCOPIC side stand.

Honda’s thinking outside the box again, filing patents for a new telescopic side stand system which is made up of three sections that fit into each other.

PATENT: Honda’s TELESCOPIC side stand.

We all know how a motorcycle side stand works. It’s a tried and tested design that’s been unchanged for many years – and there’s a reason for that; it works. But that hasn’t stopped Honda coming with a new solution to keep your bike upright.

Designs filed with the Japanese patent application office show Honda’s new telescopic system, which consists of three individual sections which fit into one another. It’s operated using the peg on the side of the stand, which is then pushed down with your foot and rotated to lock it into place. To retract the stand, it’s a case of twisting it back to its original position. Simple. Pretty clever, don’t you think?

PATENT: Honda’s TELESCOPIC side stand.

Ok, so it’s fairly tricky to see the benefits of this particular solution – but regardless, it’s nice to see Honda’s still trying to push boundaries. Maybe we’ll see it on one of the Japanese factories machines in the not too distant future…

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